Justin Barton

From Atomic War in Details

The series is a photographic study of the parallel lives of Soviet/CIS (ex-Soviet States) and US ICBM missile crews. I am exploring their lives and history by focusing on the objects they use and used; nuclear weapons and launch facilities in the USA and CIS.  The stories of the bumps, scratches and patinas of the actual objects, invite the viewer to imagine the twin lives of the men (and women) who work in these environments. Shot over two years using a Wista 8x10in Camera on Kodak 160nc Film.

Such comparisons expose the sides ethnologically and the minutiae are symbolic of greater political meaning. The humanized perspective and palpability reveal our complacency in addressing an ongoing, if psychological, war and are an examination of the understated reality of the veneer that protects us from an apocalypse.

Weapons and Facilities in this selection of photographs (Nato designations for USSR and CIS) ICBMs and Cruise missiles include: 

SS-18 ‘Satan’ (Active 1967-Present)
SS-24 ‘Scalpel’ (Active 1976 -2008)
AS-4 ‘Kitchen’ (Active 1962-2007)
Titan II (Active 1962-1988)
SS-N-3 ‘Shaddock’ (Active 1959-1990)

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