Kevin Francis Gray Art

Kevin Francis Gray’s 2005 body of work was so hugely appealing: London youths—the freaks and oft-romanticized street tribes of the East End—were cast as towering Rodin-like figures. These figures wore jeans, tanks, and sneakers; their faces obscured by hoodies and veils. It was urban ghetto-gothic street style immortalized in ancient materials like bronze, marble, and black resin. A once fleeting feeling was rendered permanent, mythical almost.

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Collage with Rips Placed According to the Laws of Chance
Ryan Donato
Tumblr Giveaway

This collage is part of my giveaway contest. The contest will be left open for one week and I will pick randomly one winner who will receive this framed collage in the mail at the closing.

Entry Rules:

  1. You are required to enter the contest by reblogging this post and by following my blog.
  2. I will leave this open until September 2nd and pick a winner (at random) who will receive this collage in the mail at the end of this contest.
  3. Tag me in the post (ryandonato) for your entry.
  4. Share and reblog as much as you would like (although this is exclusive to Tumblr).

I will announce the winner on Tumblr. Good luck.

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